Scene of Smell

Sense of Smell

Colors, fragrances and emotions are all interconnected through our sense of smell.

Behind each scent is a color and behind each color is a scent. Perceptions and associations make our brain think in color - and smell in color.

We communicate and live through our 5 senses. Everything we experience in a day involves the sense of smell, as olfaction is alert at all time.

The sense of smell is highly connected to our emotions. Our memories, culture and life experiences are surrounded with scents which build our olfactive memories and preferences.

At Chesapeake Bay Candle, our passion is to design fragrances which take you on a journey, bringing back memories and creating new ones. Each of our fragrances has a story and is an olfactive representation of a location, a season, a moment, an escape. Imagine a long summer walk by the bay with a crisp ocean breeze, holiday gatherings filled joy and laughter, or simply the soothing note of eucalyptus to relax and reconnect with your inner self.

Mei Smelling A Flower - Sense of Smell