The Power of Fragrance and Design

Early on, Pacific Trade International found its niche in the marketplace as a consumer-inspired company focused on fragrance and driven by design. The ability to provide fully integrated services in consumer research, comparative market research, and product design and development has played a critical role in our success.

Known as a design and fragrance leader within the industry, today we are trusted for our expertise in consumer trends, identified through a unique global research process. Anchoring each of our collections is a macro trend, which responds to consumer attitudes and reflects trends in fragrance, color, design, and texture relevant to our industry.

Chesapeake Bay Candle - The Creative Process

Fragrance First

Our product design and development method focuses foremost on a deep understanding of the magnificent power of scent; a strategic process we call our Fragrance First philosophy.

Our portfolio of fragrances includes a wide variety of scents to satisfy every taste, moment and personality. Chesapeake Bay Candle collections offer a well-balanced fragrance assortment with everyday classics, season’s favorites as well as innovative creations and experiential fragrances inspired by the latest trends in fine fragrance.

Unique alliances with some of the best fragrance vendors in the U.S. and Europe allow us to bring sophisticated, innovative and multi-layered scents to the market.

Chesapeake Bay Candle - Fragrance First

Creating Objects of Desire

With a keen understanding that design has the power to turn products into objects of desire, our packaging is fresh and natural in look and feel, reflecting our brand heritage. Global trend research including domestic and international trade show and store visits, as well as analyzing the latest trends in fashion, the arts, and pop culture add a modern twist. Our combined efforts in consumer and market research and trend forecasting result in a consumer-inspired, trend-forward, highly saleable product portfolio designed to capture the hearts and minds of today’s savvy consumer.

Chesapeake Bay Candle - The Creative Team at Work