We are a company with an entrepreneurial “start-up” attitude and the benefits of an established global company. We are a team of fast-paced, committed people, passionate about crafting new and exciting products to consumers globally. We collaborate to design and deliver products that enhance the quality of people’s lives, making a positive difference one home at a time. We believe in our creative vision and in our designs. These days, fragrance and candles go beyond beauty and décor. They offer people a way to come home to themselves, to tune into a peaceful place – to relax and center. We believe the environment we create in our offices as well as the experience we bring through our products to consumers at home should evoke balance.

Our company offers an opportunity for creative people to translate their talents into meaningful careers. We are focused and energetic, and we work hard – with a sense of competitive urgency. We take time off to play too – with work-day events throughout the year. Our leadership operates with transparency and integrity and is invested in fostering individual success and growing a culture rooted in authenticity. We believe in process, not bureaucracy – in communication and growing together individually and collectively.

Our total compensation package includes benefits like healthcare options, paid time off, a 401k plan, and parking or metro benefit.

We invite you to browse our Career Portal below for current job openings. All job applications should be addressed to our Human Resources department and can be emailed to:hr@chesapeakebaycandle.com




Experienced professionals with management experience and a knack for leadership and coaching might find their niche here. Whether or not we have any posted positions, we are always receptive to experienced talent in product development, design and packaging and other areas. If you feel there you would be a great fit, please send a resume and persuasive cover letter to HR@chesapeakebaycandle.com.


We believe in creating win-win situations. We know there is a lot of talent fresh out of school and our internships have frequently turned into full-time jobs.  Here, you get to learn by rolling up your sleeves and doing – and you are mentored by some of the best. We win too - by shaping your raw talent in the direction of our business needs and investing in your development. If you love products, fast-paced environments and feel this is the place for you, please send a resume and a letter business to HR@chesapeakebaycandle.com explaining why you feel you would be a great fit and what you believe you could contribute.