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How to Bring Wellness into your Life and into your Home with Scented Candles

Posted on April 4, 2017 by cbcadmin in Wellness

People around the globe are embracing the wellness lifestyle. As a result, the wellness economy is considered to be one of the world’s fastest-growing industries. Wellness has become a macro trend and a lifestyle which encompasses aromatherapy, yoga, meditation, botanical products, natural beauty ingredients, healthy diet, organic food, mood-enhancing scents, outdoors adventures, retreat vacation and me-time experiences for the mind & body.

We all try to start the year fresh with resolutions, good intentions and sometimes high ambitions but by spring, it is common to feel out of focus and to get overwhelmed with our busy lives. Adopting the wellness lifestyle does not require much and we are excited to offer a few tips to bring wellness and serenity back to your life and into your home.

First, practice Mindfulness

In other words, reconnect with the world that surrounds you and live any experience on a deeper level. This will require to free your mind from stress, anxiety, hurry or distraction.

Create a relaxing sanctuary and engage all your senses

Turn the lights down or just let the natural light of the sun come in softly. Create a comfortable space on the ground with blankets and pillows. Prepare an infusion of your favorite herbal tea. Wrap your hands around the warm mug as you enjoy the aroma and flavor and sit comfortably. This will procure a feeling of coziness and contentment (a trending concept the Danish call Hygge). Play some relaxing meditative music or use the sound of nature to surround you with peace.

Light up a candle

The Chesapeake Bay Mind & Body collection was especially crafted to bring a sense of wellness into your home thanks to its essential-oil infused fragrances, natural look, and soft color palette. Based on the principles of aromatherapy, each fragrance connects to a mood thanks to the fragrance notes which compose it.

Today, we would like to introduce you to our last creations: Focus + Patience and Courage + Wisdom.

Focus + Patience Mood Board Wellness Lifestyle: Focus + Patience

Focus + Patience comes is a beautiful smoky grey color and the fragrance is built around a Tobacco Cedar accord. Infused with essential oils of birch, cedarwood, patchouli and juniper, this candle will diffuse a rich smoky and woody scent, helping to quiet your mind.

Focus + Patience Medium Jar and Large Jar Candles Focus + Patience Large Jar Candle and Medium Jar Candle from the Chesapeake Bay Mind & Body Collection

Find moments of wellness and restore your ability to focus with the calming and inspiring notes of black tea, cinnamon bark and cedar, wrapped in smoked birch and musk. Nurture you mind and body with good intentions and let this noble earthy fragrance slow down the pace of life and add a sense of patience. 

courage + wisdom mood board Wellness Lifestyle: Courage + Wisdom

Courage + Wisdom glows beautifully in a terracotta color as it releases warm and spicy notes of teakwood and incense. With essential oils of cumin seed, cedarwood, orange and cinnamon leaf among others, this fragrance is reminiscent of a peaceful temple.

courage + wisdom medium jar candle and large jar candle Courage + Wisdom Medium Jar Candle and Large Jar Candle from the Chesapeake Bay Mind & Body Collection

Since ancient times, incense has played a significant role within cultures and traditions. Its rich woody and resinous notes have widely been used in purification rituals, aromatherapy and meditation. Spicy nuances of cinnamon, clove buds and patchouli blend with opulent gardenia, stimulating the senses inducing a feeling of courage and wisdom.

Finally, inhale & exhale.

Let go and enjoy this peaceful moment!

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