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How It Is Made: Fragrance Inspiration Travel to the Red Oak Lavender Farm in Georgia

Posted on June 28, 2017 by cbcadmin in How It Is Made

At Chesapeake Bay Candle we draw fragrance inspiration from a variety of places, but no source is more inspirational than the original: nature. All our fragrance development is managed by our Director of Fragrance and Marketing Communications, Ophelia Meldener, and our Fragrance Specialist, Jennifer Rizzo together with Mei Xu, the Co-Founder of Chesapeake Bay Candle. Earlier this month, Ophelia and Jen took a trip to a lavender farm in Georgia to experience this historical, aromatic ingredient in person. In this post, they share their experiences from their scent trek.

Jennifer Rizzo (left) and Ophelia Meldener (right) at the Lavender Fest at the Red Oak Lavender Farm in Georgia Jennifer Rizzo (left) and Ophelia Meldener (right) at the Lavender Fest at the Red Oak Lavender Farm in Georgia

It was a hot, sunny morning on June 10th in a little county called Dahlonega tucked beneath the North Georgia mountain range. Just up the road, the Red Oak Lavender Farm hosted their annual lavender festival on the second Saturday of June which allowed visitors to come enjoy the peak blooms of over 2,000 plants in 20 different varieties.

As soon as one stepped on the farm, a fragrant herbaceous aroma filled each inhale as dazzling shades of purple blooms were lined in rows down the field. Honey bees, hard at work, paid no attention to the hundreds of guests among the plants who were snipping spikes to arrange in fragranced bouquets or decorative flower crowns. It was easy to forget about the heat and crowds when you bent down to take a long and soothing breath of an aroma that was aromatic, floral and earthy; different from the sweet “lavender” fragranced bath and body products currently on the market.

Fragrance Inspiration: Picking Lavender at the Red Oak Lavender Farm in Georgia Fragrance Inspiration: Picking Lavender at the Red Oak Lavender Farm in Georgia

The true essence of lavender has an ancient complexity, but comfortably familiar, as it lingers and nags in the back of your mind begging you to recall where and when you first experienced it. Historically the lavender plant (also known as “blue gold” in France) symbolizes cleanliness. Ancient Romans perfumed their baths and fragranced their clothes with its delicate flowers. The name is derivative of the Latin word “lavare” (to wash). Iranian folk medicine used lavender for its medicinal properties, such as an antiseptic or anti-inflammatory balm. Aromatherapy claims lavender promotes relaxation, aids in curing insomnia, and helps with anxiety.

But probably the most well-known use of lavender oil is in modern day perfumery. In Provence France, the plateau called Valensole is home to one of the main distilleries of lavender in the world. In the 1960’s the China province of Xinjiang (once a part of the Ancient Silk Road) successfully transplanted their first lavender fields, and now is responsible for 95% of the total lavender production and essential oil production in the country.

While this ingredient has been utilized in the perfumery industry for years, lavender keeps being reinvented in the marketplace with new combinations and pairings. Classic iterations of lavender with vanilla or eucalyptus remain prevalent because of the soothing olfactive experience in line with the therapeutic nature of the notes.

But, lavender has recently been incorporated with more unexpected notes like spicy black pepper, fresh cardamom, leather, oriental incense and even conifer needles! As an aromatic powerhouse, spicy or woody notes add a layer of earthy freshness primarily found in masculine or “intense” accords in fine fragrances like Viktor Rolf, Armani and L’Artisan Parfumeur. Lavender, when paired with deeper resinous notes of amber, oakmoss and incense create highly sophisticated and experiential aromas. Depending on the notes paired with, the olfactive impressions of ‘aromatic’ lavender can be represented across categories from Fougere to Floral to Oriental to even Gourmand!

Lavender & Fig Small Jar Candle from the Heritage Collection Lavender & Fig Small Jar Candle from the Heritage Collection

As a ‘fragrance-first’ company, we are always examining the market trends to look for the newest evolutions of our industries most beloved notes. Lavender, like so many others, will continue to be reinvented and reinterpreted to fit a global cultural consciousness that remains so influential.

Be sure to look out for some of our lavender products currently in the marketplace and debuting this Fall!

(1) Lavender & Fig from our Heritage Collection
(2) Lavender Vanilla from our Pure & Natural Collection available at Target
(3) Black Pepper Moss from our Urban Collection available exclusively at Target

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