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Greenery: Fragrance, Color & Design Trend

Posted on April 19, 2017 by cbcadmin in Popular Trends

Each season, we see Nature renew and revive, as lush greens emerge each spring to remind us that growth, however gradual, is on the horizon. Revival is the key inspiration of this trend as more and more people gravitate to an optimistic mindset and reinvigorating lifestyle to help combat the daily onslaught of bad news and stressors in day-to-day life.

Chesapeake Bay Candle Trend Board: Greenery Greenery: a Chesapeake Bay Candle Fragrance, Color, and Design Trend

Annually, Pantone announces their “color snapshot” based on trends or patterns seen in our global culture that then serve as an expression of a mood and an attitude for the year. Greenery (PANTONE 15-0343 TPX) was crowned the 2017 Color of the Year and is described as a “fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring” by its creators.

Bamboo Jasmine Large Jar Candle The Bamboo Jasmine Large Jar Candle from the Heritage Collection

Debuting this month, brand new Bamboo Jasmine, part of our Heritage Collection, embodies these key features with its soothing green notes of bamboo, eucalyptus and petitgrain as soft blooming florals of jasmine and muguet round out this refreshing, soothing scent. Fragrance is a key focus of this trend because not only can fragrance embody color, it can also aid in the pursuit of vitality in a 360 wellness lifestyle.

In line with the wellness trend, bringing the outdoors inside can help soothe and calm the mind after a stressful day. This idea ends up pairing well with the concept Greenery is based on. Going back to the basics or Nature’s great neutral can help reconnect us with the simple pleasures of life, like a walk through the garden.

Bamboo Jasmine Small Jar Candle from the Heritage Collection Bamboo Jasmine Small Jar Candle from the Heritage Collection

In home décor, we are seeing more nature-inspired patterns, sustainable bamboo materials, and bold palm leaf motifs which help reinforce the healing powers of nature in the home. Ingredients and notes, like the ones found in Bamboo Jasmine, support the same idea by diffusing a fragrance that can be reminiscent of a sunny spring day or a garden in bloom.

Well-known for its use of botanical ingredients, Jo Malone debuted an herb garden collection just last year in Spring 2016, using various shades of green and ingredient illustrations on their perfume bottles. Fragrance notes also explored the green family from fresh and dewy to leafy and aromatic. This collection not only captured the green aesthetic with the color palette, but took inspiration from herbs, flowers and natural elements.

Simplicity + Hope Large Jar Candle and Reed Diffuser from the Chesapeake Bay Mind & Body Collection Simplicity + Hope Large Jar Candle and Reed Diffuser from the Chesapeake Bay Mind & Body Collection

Fragrance, like Home Décor, is a personal expression, unique to the individual. A signature look is just as powerful as a signature scent. More and more, brands are “going green” with a focus on natural and sustainable positioning for their products. Natural essential oils are a great way to be more conscious, and Bamboo Jasmine fragrance contains Orange essential oil infused in a soy wax blend. Green is not only a mindset but a statement as well, whether it is fashion or a political position, the focus this year is “Green”.

What better time to embrace this new outlook than now, as we are at the precipice of change for the season. Try Bamboo Jasmine, or Simplicity + Hope from the Mind & Body Collection, in a wide variety of jar candle sizes or a reed diffuser to reinforce a green outlook in fragrance and décor in your home today!

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