Comfy Cozy: CBC Home

Barely into warm weather, and still weeks away from the official start of summer, it’s a bit soon to be thinking about autumn. However, in the world of the product cycle, it’s something our design team has been thinking about before the last mounds of snow even melted from the ground.

In order to have everything ready for the shelves before the autumn leaves appear, each new product requires ample time for brainstorming, research, testing, and tweaking. And when it comes to a new collection, that pre-production portion of the product cycle spans even longer. So, while this may be a bummer for our designers, living seasons ahead of reality, it’s actually quite fun for the rest of us who get to indulge in a special Sneak Peak!

Fast forward to Fall 2011, and the CBC Home Collection is beginning its debut. A soft but chic palette contained within sleek and simple vessels works naturally with the common home decor neutrals we often see indoors. Just as ferns, geraniums and azaleas are indigenous to the area of the Chesapeake Bay, these comforting colors and complementary fragrances are native to the rooms within our homes.

“We all know someone with a room of sage green walls, cream-colored sofas, or soft blue duvet covers, don’t we?” asks Laura, Senior Designer of this collection. “We surround ourselves in these neutral and serene colors at home because they are warm, welcoming, and cozy.”

“Soft to the touch and soft diffused in color, the ceramic’s matte finish echoes that sentiment,” explains Laura. Highlighting the approachability of the collection, bulb-shaped ceramic jars boast a beautiful luxe, yet tactile, matte finish.

This new approach to color provides an everyday collection with a touch of sophistication. Pigmented brights seem to saturate through unprocessed pastels to create shades perfectly adaptable to any home. Including foggy blues, muted reds, and garden greens, the palette, alone, makes us feel at ease–partially because we can sit back, rest assured that whatever items of this relaxing line we choose, they will have no trouble blending in easily with existing statement pieces at home.

When combined with nostalgic, comforting fragrances, the overall effect is quite calming. Your home smells like nature intended, as soothing aromas and colors allow even the most urban environment to harvest the energy of the great outdoors.

Just a few more months until it truly is Fall 2011, and you can find your mind transported to the nearby tranquility of nature.



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