• Alassis is an exquisite collection of fragrances inspired by the sophisticated early Mediterranean civilizations, cultures, and gardens. The collection was created by Mei Xu, the design and fragrance visionary behind Chesapeake Bay Candle, in 2012. From Mei’s native China to her adopted American home, fragrance had been a great passion and constant influence throughout her life. Since the early 1990s, Mei has traveled the world exploring art, culture, design and scent. During her travels, Mei fell in love with the Mediterranean region with its vast quantity of sumptuous botanical fragrances and its rich history as the cradle of fragrance of early civilizations. Since ancient times, the power of scent has been thought of as mysterious, mystical, and sacred. Scents were used at rituals, for the power of healing, relaxation, and for seduction. As Mei studied the history of fragrance, she dreamt up a new home fragrance concept, Alassis, as an homage to the role fragrance has played in the lives of people for thousands of years.