• Legendary, mysterious, sensual…Alassis…an exclusive collection of fragrances inspired by sophisticated ancient scents that transport us back in time to early Mediterranean civilizations and lush, fragrant gardens – evoking a seductive and elegant aura in your home.
  • Alassis is an exclusive collection of fragrances inspired by the most sophisticated early civilizations, cultures, and gardens that transport us back in time -- through ingredients, glass shapes, and textures. The Gardens of Alassis…a mythical experience…a garden with the most refined and abundant botanicals, essential oils, and luxuriant flowers… a garden of a thousand divine fragrances.
  • Created by Mei Xu, the award-winning entrepreneur behind Chesapeake Bay Candle, Alassis celebrates the Renaissance of Fragrance -- reviving natural, ancient oils and traditional Mediterranean ingredients into a collection of exquisite, authentic fragrances in elegant, hand-blown art glass, evoking the spirit of the Mediterranean, the cradle of fragrance, into your home.
  • Let yourself be seduced on an unforgettable journey through the luxurious Gardens of Alassis…indulge yourself in the authentic, sensuous, and captivating aromatic scents…experience a temple of exclusive fragrances that transcend time…